Triumph Rocket R: does a crazy 2,500cc bike work?

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What is sucking, squeezing, hitting, bloating?
This is Triumph Rocket R. And that’s not a namby-pamby marketing name either. It’s actually incredibly relevant. Specifically, because this two-wheeled formidable currently holds the bike’s production record of 0 to 60 mph, finishing the race in just 2.73 seconds.
But this is just the beginning of an amazing CV. Because, just like the Dodge Demon, this is the bike packed with “firsts,” “mosts,” “biggest” and “Fastest” – making it the most requested card in Top Trumps ads. .
In addition to being the fastest two-wheeled sprinter in the world, having a 2500 cc engine also means this is the highest capacity production bike in the world. Besides being the most powerful production bike you can buy, it’s kind of a beast.
And impose a rumbling mother, especially that it weighs 291 kg dry, and more than 320 kg when full of fluid. So much for a bike.

Two and a half liters! It is larger than most car engines.

Yeah. When the general perception of a big bike is the sheer smallness of a 1000cc sports bike, Triumph looks at it, shrugs his shoulders and says “That’s nice” before shoveling with three successive cylinders of one and a half times the volume. For context, 2.5 liters is the same capacity you get in a Porsche Cayman S and this is a motorcycle. Let this soak in your brain for a minute.

When did this madness start?

Triumph lança moto com o maior motor do mundo | Motorede

The idea of ​​putting the big motors into the little things goes back to the existence of humanity. In fact, there would likely be a rock painting somewhere in Australia with someone hanging on a bush or something. The essence of the idea of ​​the missile dates back to 1998. However, the production version did not arrive until 2004; A 2,294 cc cruiser snatched the crown of the world’s largest motorcycle.
He was caught between two markets. So, for the Rocket 3, the Triumph made it more powerful, faster, and lighter by 40kg, and above all, in two versions: the R, '' a convertible road car designed head-to-head for the Ducati Diavel, and the GT ”, a version Touring with a more relaxed riding position (handlebar is pulled back 125 mm, foot controls are positioned forward), 23 mm lower saddle, screen and heated handles and a back splint for whoever you want to place in the back. Trust us, they will need it.

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