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Talk to any classic car enthusiast and they likely have their own mental list of the ten best classic cars of all time, or at least the top five. We put pen to paper (digitally) and listed our ten best classic cars we’ve ever had.

  1. Jaguar E-TYPE
    The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made: The Jaguar E-type is the first of our top ten classic cars ever.
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“The most beautiful car ever” were the words of Enzo Ferrari and of course he was right. Based on the D-Type, a three-time winner at Le Mans between 1955 and 1957, the E-Type Jaguar was a stunning example of what the British company Jaguar was able to do at the time. Seventy elegant and a third of the price faster than a Ferrari, it was the ultimate sports car of its time, and the E-Type managed to remain in production until the mid-1970s. Much of this is due to the fact that it was constantly being modified on the inside, without affecting its elegant appearance too much on the outside. This meant that he stayed in tune with the times while looking absolutely stunning. One of the best cars ever, British.

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