The Nissan Z Proto is a turbocharged V6 sports car

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Nissan’s prototype gets a 6spd manual, but the new Z won’t come to the UK

The rumors of the disappearance of the Nissan Z are clearly greatly exaggerated. Zed isn’t dead, and this new prototype is a big yellow testament to the future successor formula of the 370Z.

Welcome to Z Proto. “As a purely sports car, the Z represents the spirit of Nissan,” says Makoto Uchida, President of Nissan. “It is a prime example of our transformation plan, and it is proof of our ability to do what others do not dare to do.”

In fact, the first thing to do is introduce a 6-speed manual transmission (cool!) And … the engine. The prototype wears an “improved” twin-turbo V6 engine with unspecified capacity in advance, with an unspecified amount of power. We only know it will be more powerful than before (the 370Z had 325 horsepower) because each successive generation of the Z has, of course, made an even bigger buzz.

The Nissan Z Proto is a turbocharged V6 sports car | Top Gear

Nissan said the Z is more than just an electric bump, with product specialist Hiroshi Tamura confirming that it is “a vehicle that creates contact with the driver not only physically, but emotionally” and responds to the driver’s impulses. “

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