The Ferrari 812 Superfast variant spied on could be the GTO

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A more potent version of the 812 is on the way

The opportunity to purchase a new Ferrari with a naturally aspirated V12 is approaching, and the camouflaged 812 Superfast we are looking at here is likely one of the last. Our spy photographer captured two of the 812s in action, but the changes are similar (not identical) between the two.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a potential 812 version. Ferrari is rumored to be producing special editions of the 812 before it was decommissioned, and it appears to have the potential to be the final version. more powerful. The changes that we spied on these two prototypes indicate that the Ferrari is the 812 GTO, or if we use the F12 as a perspective it is the tdf. Either way, this car will likely have more power and better handling than the current 812 Superfast.

File:Ferrari 812 Superfast Monaco IMG 1228.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Ferrari manages 789 hp and 530 lb. A rough front grille, a grille and a wiring harness coming from the engine compartment indicate that powertrain development is underway. Nobody can guess it, but the red line over 9000 rpm looks fine to us – the current 812 stops at 8,900 rpm.


There is some camouflage along the side sills down to the front fenders. Ferrari is clearly operating in the rear air as we see two different models on the two concept cars. Both look unfinished, but one is full of air holes, and the other is wide open around the edges. Whatever secrets Ferrari tries to keep, he has kept them so far. The appearance of these camouflaged prototypes is clearly incomplete. Ferrari manages to distinguish a lot between the standard F12 and the F12 tdf, and we’d expect the next front-engine masterpiece to receive the same treatment for production.

File:Ferrari 812 Superfast Monaco IMG 1168.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Much like tdf, we expect this version of the 812 to be produced in limited quantities and at a small cost. As for timing, Ferrari could reveal the car well this year as it continues its assault on its new product.

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