TG’s top 10 most expensive auction cars ever

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In the world of big spenders a million pounds

The Veyrons is inviting you for a little bit of money. If you really want a spray

For cash, you need one …

The Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold At Auction | Coches caros, Coches  clásicos, Autos clasicos deportivos
€3.9 million
File:MRT Singapore Destination 10.png - Wikimedia Commons

Sold by Bernie Ecclestone in 2007, this 540K is one of 26 completed units. This German wealth symbol was first acquired by a wealthy British man in 1937, and is a purchase that supposedly decreased in value in the following years.

1904 Rolls-Royce 10 HP | Rolls-Royce |
€4.0 million
File:MRT Singapore Destination 9.png - Wikimedia Commons

The first collaboration between Mr.
Rolls and Royce, 10 hp – with its 1.8-liter twin engine – actually
Develop 12 horses and would make an amazing 39 mph at a full cat. This example,
Oldest Alive, 2007 sale in London.

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