Porsche Taycan can now be a Pink Pig tribute

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Porsche has always produced the best colors in the sports car industry. And the best color names too. Viper Green is a treat for metals and paper.

So, welcome to Frozen Berry. The latest in a range of new colors for the Taycan electric car, it’s a rare thing on the planet because – an optional color that doesn’t cost a dime.

They say “Frozen Berry,” we say “Pink.” But just like the robust Rubystone Red of the 964th generation Porsche 911 – also in pink – we’re really digging it. If you like the Porsche 917 Pink Pig racing car, you’ll love this one too. Even if it’s electric. And disqualified for 24 hours of laps in Sarth.

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It’s not the only new color to join the Taycan palette either. There is also Coffee Beige, Mahogony, and Neptune Blue – meaning brown, purple-brown, and blue – among others.

It’s available across the lineup, but you’ll naturally want to specify the 21-inch Mission E Design wheels as standard on the Turbo S in the photo above, with your bold new color wrapped inside (for an extra $ 842). And don’t try to tell us otherwise.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S - samochód pościgowy WFLWR 2020
Black Porsche Taycan
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Grey Porsche Taycan

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