Fatal auto accidents: 10 ways to avoid the worst

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In the car, we are often faced with situations that are beyond our control. In case of danger, these tips will help you make the right decision. Find out the 10 ways to escape fatal car crashes.

1- How to avoid a head-to-head: what to do when a car arrives head-on in your lane

A car is driving straight at you. Try to get his attention by honking and flashing the headlights while figuring out a way to avoid him. Do not stare at the oncoming vehicle, because your car will go where your gaze goes. Try to stay calm and instead fix the point where you want to go.

2- To outsmart a road pirate

Car thieves in Edinburgh have been trying to steal vehicles while owners  are away on holiday - Edinburgh Live

This problem is unlikely to occur in Canada, but if you happen to be traveling to the United States… When you get into your car at night, get in quickly and close the doors immediately – don’t take your time for storage leaving the doors open and to trust the automatic closing system.

If you’re in your car and a hacker is waiting for you, get out asap. If you’re in gear, but don’t move forward, get out. If you’re on the move, stop and escape as fast as you can. If a road hacker is standing in the back seat and puts a hand in front of your mouth, take one of their fingers and twist it violently back. With luck, you will break her finger and this will give you time to escape.

3- What to do when the sun blinds you and you can’t see anything

Zürichsee Automobile AG - Galerie

Try to limit your reaction as much as possible. Do not pound on the brakes or deviate from your course. This could be dangerous for you as well as for the vehicles around you. Do your best to stay on course and not to behave unpredictably.

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