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  • New UX expectations are shifting automotive’s focus

    New UX expectations are shifting automotive’s focus

    [ad_1] As smart devices infiltrate every facet of modern life, drivers now expect similar sophistication from their vehicles. By Christopher Dyer, Freddie Holmes & Jack Hunsley Regardless of whether a company is working on a solution for connected, autonomous, shared or electric (CASE) mobility there remains one fundamental requirement for every product and service: it […] More

  • Smart manufacturing

    What is smart manufacturing’s role in electric vehicle production?

    Dominique Scheider explores the importance of smart manufacturing to scale up battery production through digital thread data-driven facilities The automotive industry has held an enormous influence over general manufacturing methods for over a century, shaping modern life through advances in production line and supply chain processes. The industry coined the terms Fordism, Toyotism and Lean […] More

  • C-V2X is primed to reshape road safety

    C-V2X is primed to reshape road safety

    Connectivity and 5G will provide a new layer of safety as the industry looks to support drivers today and autonomous vehicles tomorrow. By Freddie Holmes Once just a broad vision to improve situational awareness for drivers, cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) is now nearing commercialisation. This was one key takeaway from Mobile World Congress (MWC), a conference […] More

  • The Real-World Metaverse belongs in the automotive cockpit

    The Real-World Metaverse belongs in the automotive cockpit

    “Metaverse” is one of the hottest topics these days, spearheaded by Meta Platforms Inc. (then Facebook) riding on the successes of its Oculus virtual reality (VR) headset. While the Metaverse is intimately related to VR, there is also the real-world version of Metaverse that has been generating quite a bit of excitement recently. Here we’ll […] More

  • Regulation of self-driving vehicles: the recommendations of the Law Commissions

    Regulation of self-driving vehicles: the recommendations of the Law Commissions

    Chris Heitzman outlines the Law Commission’s final recommendations for AV law changes and how this could impact fleet managers keen on automatising their fleet On the 26 January 2022, the Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission published their final report making recommendations for the safe and responsible introduction of self-driving vehicles. The report recommends introducing […] More

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    Signs of an Overheating Car

    If your cars starts to overheat, it’s critical that you stop driving and let the engine cool as soon as you can safely pull over. But you can’t do that unless you are aware that you have an overheated engine. Watch for these clear signs that your car is overheating. Dashboard Warnings Your car’s dashboard […] More

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    in collaboration with the AVATAR films, Mercedes-Benz is developing a vision for the future of mobility: the VISION AVTR. Introduced last week in Las Vegas CES, the groundbreaking concept car has been trending on all the socials, with all the car influencers and bloggers covering it. The name of the self-driving vehicle stands not only […] More

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    Fatal auto accidents: 10 ways to avoid the worst

    In the car, we are often faced with situations that are beyond our control. In case of danger, these tips will help you make the right decision. Find out the 10 ways to escape fatal car crashes. 1- How to avoid a head-to-head: what to do when a car arrives head-on in your lane A […] More

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    Top 10 best wheels brands for 2022 (updated)

    What are the best brands of tires in the world? When it comes to choosing tires for your car, it is important for your safety and the safety of others to choose a reliable and reputable tire brand. There are many brands of tires on the market, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose. Some […] More

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    10 most expensive cars in the world.

    Rs 23 crore Ferrari Sergio: If you are a millionaire and have no more money to spend or just need help spending the fictional lottery winnings, then let us list 10 of the most expensive cars in the world today. . We’ll be listing them from cheapest to most, and for some perspective the extremely […] More

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    The Giocattolo Marcella is a 1,400bhp hypercar hot rod

    As you already know, this is a series of drawings. And we generally doubt a little bit that we don’t quite believe when it comes to the rate of conversion from on-page creatives to driving and driving. But this isn’t the last flash in the pan, as it promises an electric drivetrain that will rearrange […] More

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