Aston Martin Brings Back the Goldfinger DB5

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File:Goldfinger - Aston Martin DB5 & Sean Connery.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Sleek, powerful and full of surprises, Goldfinger’s 1964 DB5 was a perfect reflection of the 007 itself. The Aston Martin DB5 was an amazing car on its own, but the paintwork of Silver Birch and the 6-displacement 6-displacement car with 282 hp from Bond to Goldfinger had obscured countless secrets hidden just below the surface.

First Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation built | Autocar

Buyers of the new DB5 Goldfinger will receive what amounts to the Spy Performance Pack. Like the DB5 in the Bond movies, the replicas will come with all of the fully deployable spy gadgets (albeit in non-lethal or non-lethal form, of course). The DB5 Goldfinger has intoxicating weapons and technical marvels (even a car phone!). These include dual concealed automatic rifles, front and rear rams, an oil slick pistol (although it may be safer to fill in a water tank), rotating number plates, a smoke and fake radar screen and bulletproof shield raised from the rear deck and a concealed ejection seat button in the lever. Gears.

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