Aston Martin Brings Back the Goldfinger DB5

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Bond fans rejoice (and save your pennies). For $3.4 million, you too can have a super spy sports car the Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger.

No, Mr Bond, I expect you to drive

Aston Martin va fabriquer 25 répliques de la DB5 de James Bond

Bond movies are full of icons. From Sean Connery’s signature smile to the slogan of “Bond, James Bond” to the surfing guitar of John Barry’s song, there are a few key ingredients that make a Bond movie what it is. This definitely includes the infamous Aston Martin DB5 from Bond.

Aston Martin thought fans might want a chance to show off their in-house MI6 dealer with a limited collection of DB5 Goldfinger replicas dedicated to arena only, complete with all Bond tools. The automaker began work on its first 25 aftershocks last month and estimates it will spend 4,500 hours of work on each building.

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