1990 Luxury Off-Road SUV Comparison

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The problem with purchasing a super-capable SUV today, like a Nissan Pathfinder or a Jeep Cherokee, is that it makes sense for your neighbors to think of doing exactly the same thing. Modem SUVs are incredibly spacious, durable and versatile. They will make you forget that you were sitting at a desk all day and prevent you from watching the WWF Championship on Saturday. Everyone seems to want one.
Industry analysts predict that 800,000 people will fall in love with nature and buy the new SUV this year. Many will never take their SUV off-road, but that’s okay: Today’s best SUVs hit the highway all the way to low noise levels like the Mazda 929 or Audi 90 sedan It’s no wonder everyone wants to have fun.

However, this mass market appeal poses problems for the well-to-do. These people want a premium SUV. For the purists, the Pathfinder, Ford Explorer and Chevy S10 Blazer are common vehicles, whatever their capacity.

The three SUVs you see here are not uncommon. Range Rover plans to sell only about 5,000 copies of the $ 38,000 luxury SUV this year. Jeep will only sell double the $ 27,800 figure from Grand Wagons. Toyota will dispense barely 6,000 Land Cruisers, which start at $ 22,000, but with mandatory luxuries close to $ 27,000. It is unlikely that we will see proletarians in these expensive machines. Jeep research shows that the average Grand Wagoner buyer is richer than most Cadillac buyers.

Tested: 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Versus Rivals

The three players we collected from this exclusive price category use full-time 4×4 systems and heavy-duty drive axles front and rear. All three have automatic transmissions – and only automatic transmissions; Offset to the general.

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